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Understanding what it takes to be leading edge and creating space of innovation. In this episode, Nancy and I talk about being unafraid to go where no one has gone before.

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About Nancy:

Nancy Marmolejo teaches highly driven thought leaders how to create a greater level of impact, legacy, and contribution to their businesses and lives. A devoted student of human nature, Nancy gets to the heart of what makes a person tick and helps them to leverage that to make a lasting imprint on the world.

Her clients end up with more than a blueprint for their future goals; they end up with a renewed sense of their value and worth. Nancy has over 100 media credits to her name, is featured in 5 books (and counting), and holds a Masters Degree in Multicultural Education.

Her first career as a teacher taught her how to find the gold in everyone she meets and helped hone the skills of discovering the innate genius in all.

Nancy’s podcast, Itenco: Lessons For The Leading Edge, has been in the Top 3 of iTunes and made a mark as a space for thought leadership. You can find her online at and