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Being 19-years-old and a transformation of his own health, Kevin started his Fit Cast interviews before podcasts were cool and so common. He remembers what it felt like to walk into that gym for the first time as a 14-year-old overweight teenager and that feeling is what drives the environment that he creates with his clients.

The changes that he has experienced first-hand in the fitness industry are what I see in the coaching industry:

The drive to create community and relationships
What truly creates lasting change and addressing the psychology behind it.

Kevin shares his #1 tip for business owners as he has created multiple businesses across various platforms and is now venturing into opening his very own brick and mortar gym that embraces the qualities he sees lacking in the fitness industry.

Additionally, Kevin shares top tips to creating a podcast that gets listeners and how to have bigger-named guests say yes to your show.

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About Kevin:

Kevin has hosted/produced The FitCast, which was named best Fitness Podcast by Men’s health for almost 12-years. He has been a strength coach and worked in the fitness industry for the same amount of time. Kevin has also traveled throughout the world as an educator in the fitness industry and now becoming owning his very own gym – Allied Strength in Gloucester, MA.