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Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD, an intuitive coach, healer, speaker, and author, provides tools for another possibility of “having” to go through the breakdown in order to get to a breakthrough.
In this candid interview, we shed light on a new possibility that you don’t have to make your life about fixing problems and overcoming something just to be alive.
With Heather’s AFFECT tool, you can stop the impending breakdown and shift the energy… if you choose to.
My favorite sections of this interview are:
1. What’ a Drama Triangle and how do you get out of it.
2. If it’s really the truth, it can stand up to scrutiny and how this concept can get you out of staying stuck in labels and patterns that don’t work for you.
3. Identifying the motive behind the mundane is what makes it magical. This concept brings on a whole new way of the everyday actions that can create so much more joy in our lives and in the world.

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About Dr. Heather Clark:

Dr. Heather Clark, PharmD, is an intuitive coach, healer, speaker and author. She focuses on guiding individuals to understand and heal their connection with their internal selves to create support, freedom, and to feel fully alive.

Dr. Clark was a National Merit Scholar, earned her doctorate in pharmacy in 1997, completed her post-doctoral residency at the Kansas City Veterans Administration Medical Center in 1998, and has practiced in a variety of settings including community, long term care, consulting, and hospital clinical pharmacy.

After her own recovery from severe burnout, she has helped many others recover quickly, safely, and permanently using her Burnout Cure program. Dr. Clark awakened to her purpose when she realized that the root cause of burnout isn’t ‘just’ stress–it is the stress of being someone you aren’t.