What is truly required to grow a business without over-spending your time or money?

What support do you actually need?

In the coaching world, there are lots of folks (I used to be one of them) who say, “You need a coach.”

My point of view now is that statement can be a great system for coaches to convince people to work with them.

I now don’t believe that everyone needs a coach.

I’ve certainly hired people when I thought I “needed” a coach and what I really needed was clarity on what I was creating and IMPLEMENTATION support.

Time and time again, I have seen clients and a LOT of entrepreneurs struggling with taking action and getting results from the plan and strategies they hire. I’ve seen my own clients struggle with this.

If you’re not getting results, consider this:

  • Hiring another coach may not actually help you get results.
  • You may not have a mindset issue.
  • You may not even have a money issue.

So what will create results? And where is the real problem?

In a lot of cases it comes down to two things:

  1. Lack of clarity. Clarity in what? I’ll get to that in a second.
  2. Implementation. Most entrepreneurs I know of pretty much suck at implementing. They are great at the visionary stuff but when it comes down to actually getting the details DONE, no bueno.

So what do you do if the implementation is not your zone of genius? Maybe technology isn’t your thing. Maybe setting up your website isn’t fun for you, in fact, maybe it’s a train wreck.

I was pondering all of this earlier this year after I hired a team of implementers, who were great co-creators but implementing things like the email sequences, opt-in pages, sales pages, and that kind of stuff was not what they wanted to focus on. But that’s what I hired them for and that is what I required to grow the business.

So after this hiring experience and seeing that it wasn’t a fit, I was back to a gap in my business ==> who was going to help me implement this big vision I had? And that’s when I got it more clearly than ever before.

This is what I identified and it helped me immensely to see where to hire.

First, you must choose to be in business. When entrepreneurs experience gaps in their business and it’s just not working, the first question I ask them is if they truly desire to be in business. Are they willing to take full ownership of their creations?

It’s at this point that some people see they actually do better working for someone else and don’t want the responsibility of being a business owner.

If you do truly want a business, here are the five areas required for a business to grow:

  1. Foundation (Message, biz model, what are you doing, biz setup, accounting, etc.)
  2. Strategy (how are you going to create what you’re creating – from marketing to social media, etc.)
  3. Create the stuff (content, products, events, create the things you’re selling)
  4. Implementation (list building, opt-in pages, sales pages, email sequences, creating products in shopping cart, etc)
  5. Magic and Mindset (your beliefs and trust in your ability to create)

Where you truly require assistance, clarity, and support?

Next, hire for the right job. If you have hopped from coach to coach and “it’s not working,” then look at who’s the common denominator. <gulp, that’s you, honey.> There’s nothing wrong with you and the coach may be fantastic, but if you aren’t implementing then that’s the problem.

Or if you keep getting stuck on self-doubt, then working with a coach who can assist you with clearing the stuck energy and moving forward even when you’re uncomfortable is going to be a good thing for you.

If you can relate with the implementation department is where things suck, then follow these tips to getting your dream team on board:

  • Set up clear expectations
  • Set up a trial run for 30 days then revisit what’s working and what could work better
  • Find a true supporter
    • If they want to work for you to “see how you do things” so they can build their own empire, that’s not a true supporter. Supporters are people who are happy being behind the scenes and don’t have to be the one in front. They truly love supporting people and doing the implementation.
  • Be super clear about what you want and how you work. If you don’t know what tasks to start giving someone, start with hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) and here is an article about what you can give them to get things off of your plate.
  • Get organized: Your lack of organization does not mean an emergency for your team.
  • Acknowledge your team. Everyone likes to be appreciated, heard, valued, and seen. Share your gratitude for the people who are on your team.