Before I get into why it’s not your fault if you hate marketing, will you join me in this very moment to send some loving energy to people right now?

At the time of writing this, there are extreme weather conditions in Texas in the United States that are devastating. This is on top of being in a pandemic for almost a year + ongoing challenges throughout the world.

So with that, will you take a moment and send energy to people in the world who could really use a reminder that they are valued, loved, and supported?

And with another breath, send love to everyone on the planet who could use a little boost of hope and joy?
Lastly, send a boost of love to YOU – every cell of your body and every molecule of your being.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with clients, friends, and colleagues that a year of this pandemic, social unrest, political $hitshow, and every-day life on top of all of this can be a lot.

My last tidbit is this: PLEASE celebrate what’s good.

More people have told me recently that they don’t want to talk about what’s great when there are people around them who are struggling. I get it… and suffering doesn’t heal suffering. So please celebrate what’s going well. We get to have JOY as we do this big work of changing the world. ❤️

Now, let’s talk about how there is nothing wrong with you if you despise or avoid marketing.

The moment you realize that there’s nothing wrong with you regarding the fact that you “hate” or even somewhat dislike marketing, is the moment a whole world opens up for you.

I posted this a few days ago on IG and it hit quite a nerve with people (in a good way).

People have responded with, “Oh, that makes so much sense.”

“Maybe I don’t have to avoid marketing, after all, I just know that there is another way.”

Here’s the thing – what if your SOUL knows. But it hasn’t been allowed to be loud and clear when it comes to how you uniquely share your business with the world.

One of the biggest reasons I do the work I do is for this moment with my clients:

When someone realizes that their disdain for marketing and how un-nerving it can feel to be “visible” isn’t their fault. The instant healing that happens. The relief. The permission to stop the hustle.

For centuries (and lifetimes) it hasn’t been safe for women and other marginalized identities to speak up or be seen.

Whether this is conscious or not, what often happens is people think they should go out there online and everywhere and market like crazy. Yet their flight/fight response (their brain) is telling them to stay quiet and go unnoticed because it’s safer that way.

So after being in a society that tells you to be quiet, be polite, and don’t call attention to yourself – now you get this brilliant idea and you want to turn it into a business.

You want the freedom. The creativity. The impact.

Then it comes time to share your brilliance with the world – something you’ve likely been told your whole life is rude to boast about, let alone receive money for.

And boom, you’re supposed to flip the switch and be confident to share this part of you and ask for money.

Meanwhile, all of the “experts” say things like: “Just be visible.” “Go for it.” “Don’t let fear win.”

With all of this going on, what I commonly see is people buy course after course and program after program, or get their hands on as many free resources as possible to try to grow their business and overcome this “fear.”

They work on their mindset, their money mindset, their chakras, allllllll of the things… only to wind back in the same place where it’s just not working.

Sound familiar? Even just a little bit?

Other times, this pattern can show up when your business is going pretty dang well… but you just can’t seem to get over that hurdle. You do pretty well… but you don’t trust it to last.

Hear this: there is nothing wrong with you.

Traditional marketing is taught to manipulate people while you convince your market of your value. Who would willingly want to do this?

It all comes down to this:


Create what’s in alignment for you and lead with your strengths.

There are a lot of ways to grow a business. There are a lot of ways to market yourself.

It will never work if you are trying to do business like someone else as THE way.

But here’s the unsexy truth: finding your way can appear less convenient. Especially when testimonials and promises flying around the internet tell you that all you need to do is this six-step formula to achieve XYZ results.

(By the way, when I was so busy doing ALL of the crap I’m talking about in this email, I had a 6-steps to 6-figures formula that I sold. I thought that’s what I needed to do to help people.) 🤢

It was some of the most exhausting years of my life and it felt pretty awful, too. But I was told I was doing the right thing by my big-name coaches and I tried to believe them until my soul got so loud that I just couldn’t do it anymore.

Bottom line – you’re not broken. When you acknowledge that marketing feels slimy because most likely the way you’ve been taught to do it IS slimy and that there is another way. You can spend less time judging yourself and more time doing the work you love and getting paid well for it.

You Got This,