Curiosity creates new possibilities far greater than looking for the right answer ever will.

But there’s one teeny-tiny problem with that: we really like answers. Our brains and ego really like to be right.

And the biggest culprit: we’ve been trained from birth that someone else knows better than we do so we have been groomed to look outside of ourselves for our power, truth, and clarity.

I’ve been playing with curiosity more and returning to tools that I know work, but I got out of the habit of using them. (funny how we do that to ourselves, right?)

The results from this curiosity and asking expansive questions in the past month? (of course, taking aligned action was also involved)

– My January income was 30% higher than the previous month with far less effort.
– The first week of February and I’ve received half of what I made in January so I’m on track to double January’s income.
– I received this surprise check in the mail:

– My first surprise check was this 😂❤️:

– I alleviated some chronic neck pain that I’ve been experiencing by listening to my body and asking questions instead of going into a program that a chiropractor “highly recommended” that would have been 12 hours per week for 8 weeks and out of pocket $2,500.

Why am I sharing this list?

It all showed up because I asked questions and followed the energy. I took aligned action that started with an expansive question.

The old me would take a bunch of action. Get burned out. Then wonder why things were so damn hard.

Asking expansive questions and following the energy to create my new purple bike. #swoon

(Perhaps you saw this picture a few weeks ago.)

First up, manifesting does not mean it falls out of the sky – there’s action involved. And timing. And trust.

If you’re not aware of the bicycle scene in the US, bikes have been sold out and hard to get in many places due to the pandemic.

I decided to get my husband’s bike tuned up for his birthday in January and when I was in the local bike shop, I asked about what kind of bike would be a good one for me.

The reason: I want to get outside more and there are some really awesome paved trails where I live. Plus, if I have something to look forward to through the winter, I’m a much happier person. (The why is an important thing to note.)

The person at the bike shop showed me a few bikes and recommended one that would be best for my height. I have a 34” inseam and I’m 5’ 10” so the height is a big factor.

The Trek Verve – size: Large.

My excitement dissolved when I learned they only had black or red available.

Then I saw it – another Trek bike on the wall but it was PURPLE. I’ve never had a purple bike and I needed that in my life now, at age 43.

I asked about how to get the bike in purple.
The answer: “It’s not available in purple and hasn’t been available in almost a year. I don’t know where you would find a purple bike right now.”

Hmmm… I asked this question energetically,
“What would it take for a purple bike to show up? What would it take for it to show up for a better price than $800?”
“Universe show me.”

I finish my task at the bike shop and as I drive home, I think about what it would be like to ride a purple bike on the trails by my house. What would it feel like?

I noticed my body lit up again – excited, energized, peaceful, joyful.

Hmmm…. That’s a good sign.

“Okay universe, show me. I’m willing.”

I released all attachments. I’m happy either way. I have the desire. And I’m not SO focused on it that I suffocate the possibilities and ease.

At home, I get the sense to look on Facebook marketplace.

My thought: “Nah, who is going to put this specific bike on Facebook marketplace.”

After a minute of arguing with myself, I decided to check.


Purple Trek Verve. Size: Large. Practically new.

The asking price $450 and it includes a pump, bike rack, and an extender so the bike easily goes on the bike rack.

Less than 24 hours later, I’m “test driving” the PURPLE bike and meet the most lovely Irishwoman who’s moving back to Ireland with her new puppy (does it get cuter than that?) and she is selling everything to move back home.

She’s a brander and we geek out about marketing and branding. What are the odds?

I go home with my purple bike. The one that’s nearly impossible to find. (I also went home with a barely used bike rack that fits my car. And a pump. And the extender for the bike rack.)

Here are the things I want to highlight:

Ask – Ask for the thing to show up.
Let go of attachment and follow the energy.
Trust for it to show up.
Take action.
Pay attention to what lights up your body.
Give yourself a mini experience. In my case, I went to the bike shop. I touched the bikes. I looked at the options. I talked to the bike expert.
While this is an example of asking questions with something outside of business, asking questions is one of the four core principles of Intuitive Marketing.

Here’s the info on my newest class

On February 10th, I’m kicking off a 3-part training all about asking expansive questions.

It’s $88 and it’s one of my FAVORITE classes to teach live.
If you are a member of the Soul Business Lab, you will have a coupon code to register for free.

What’ really cool is this process also helps you connect to the soul of your business.

My belief is that everything we create – books we write, websites we create, our business and offerings have its own consciousness.

Asking questions is an incredible way to connect to the soul (or consciousness) of your business.

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Thanks for being you. It makes the world a brighter place.