Something my clients and I have in common is we see our business as a vehicle for change. ⁠

A way for women to have independence and to take care of themselves. ⁠

A way to give back to organizations that dismantle oppression and create equality. ⁠

A way to transform people’s lives. ⁠

A way to do business differently and dismantle capitalism. ⁠

A message to my US entrepreneurs: VOTE.⁠

I hear people in the spiritual communities say that voting in this broken 2-party system is pointless as they “love and light” their way through life. ⁠

Spiritual bypassing isn’t going to create change. It only makes you complicit in the harm that is happening in front of our very eyes. ⁠

I’m all about the love. I’m all about being grounded and staying positive. ⁠

I’m also all about recognizing when there is a crisis on our hands and doing something about it. ⁠