There’s nothing wrong with you. 

No really, there’s nothing wrong with you.

But society, including the coaching and online business world, has capitalized on the lie that you’re broken. If they convince of this then there is always something to sell you.

Naming this reality and claiming even the smallest possibility that you’re whole, complete, and deserving of the things you desire is quite a rebellious act.

See the two questions below to get back to what’s true for you and stop the endless comparison game.

But what if you don’t see results?

It’s so tempting to think that there is something wrong with you when you don’t see the success you desire as quickly as you would like.

Especially when you see it work for other people.

Here’s what you’re “supposed” to be:
✅️ Consistent
✅️ Bold
✅️ Confident
❌ and thanks to toxic diet culture and fatphobia, don’t forget to be pretty and thin while you do those things.

You’re supposed do all of this so that you can portray:

That you have your shit together

<sigh> this is exhausting and I’m tired y’all.

Why do we keep buying into one-size-fits-all formulas?

We know one-size-fits-all formulas don’t work for any area of our life, including our businesses.

Here’s the million-dollar question: Why do we get tempted to try it out just one more time?

Gif image from Schitt's Creek with text that reads "I feel like that's false advertising."

Answer: patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy, racism, oppressive systems, and trauma… It’s trained us that WE are the problem and if we work hard enough, for long enough, then someday we’ll win this rigged game. #lies

You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re not the problem. It’s okay to do things at your pace in your way.

What if you’re right on time?

I know, what a far-fetched idea. The hustle, urgency, and anxiety (does anyone else experience anxiety, or is it just me?) all lead us to believe that we are behind. That we haven’t done enough. That we aren’t enough.

Honoring your unique timing and process is revolutionary. It takes a lot of unlearning to do that. To start, here are a few tips:

Look at all of your goals and ambitions and ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is this a “should?”
  2. Is this goal true for me? (Is this something I genuinely want? Am I trying to make someone else happy or approve of me if I do this?)

After you go through every goal you have, take a look at what are YOUR goals.

What is coming from YOUR SOUL?
What lights you up?
What brings you peace when you think about it?

Pay attention to what brings you peace vs what tells you that you’re not enough and start adjusting things accordingly.

I recommend baby steps. Blowing up your life and business is always an option, but it’s also important to nurture your nervous system also.

If your nervous system doesn’t feel safe to change things, you’ll always find a reason to go back to your old ways, even if they aren’t serving you.

I’m Angella Johnson, a trauma-aware business coach who specializes in messaging and marketing. I believe that when we change how we do business, we co-create the kind of world we deeply desire to live in.