Tamala Huntley is an unconventional introverted nomad who’s been in the Online Marketing business for almost 20 years (back in the day when AOL notified you when “You’ve got mail,” and you made websites from custom HTML coding.

You’ll be inspired at Tamala’s willingness to change the rules of being an entrepreneur, an introvert, and a digital nomad. She shares some loving truth about giving your business a fighting chance by using both strategies and consistency and not taking it personally if your marketing doesn’t work in the first five minutes.
My favorite part was talking about if you are giving your programs enough time to be successful and that fine line of holding onto things too long.

Connect with Tamala at  www.MakingFunnelsSimple.com.

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About Tamala:Tamala Huntley is a “geeky girl” who loves all things online business related. She loves books and collects them like others collect shoes. She’s a former Electrical Engineer who happened to fall in love with all things Internet Business related back when dinosaurs still roamed the Internet and AOL so proudly announced “you’ve got mail”.

As an implementer, she’s helped entrepreneurs, especially service providers, who are paralyzed by technology-overwhelm IMPLEMENT their ideas and unlock the flow of money in their businesses by putting all of their tech pieces together so that their vision and strategy transform from just ideas and dreams to actual working, income-generating digital assets, like sales pages, email signup pages, membership sites, email sequences, and sales funnels that convert lookers into leads and browsers into buyers.