What kind of receiver are you? Are you the Perfectionist, Overgiver, Prover, No-Needer, or Sacrificer? In this episode, Nat Couropmitree gives simple life-changing tips to step into your Unconditional Receiver vs the type of receiver you think you need to be to create greater things in your life.
The cycle of rejecting receiving of the very things you desire begins with denying yourself of the energy you desire so you can “work hard,” “be responsible,” or “make it happen.” Then you feel crappy about it and you look externally for validation. This vicious cycle continues until you become aware of the unconditional receiver that is within you. This means you start to receive yourself fully. The result? THAT is the energy behind your business, offers, pricing, marketing and everything else you do in your business.
As a business owner, do you take time to consciously breathe? To be creative? To receive? Or is it all about output, focus, determination, and hard work? What you may very well find is the things you are seeking will come from the opposite actions you think are required.
I loved this interview with Nat and you’ll love the simple exercise at the end to get you connected to your conscious breath and that unconditional receiver within.

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About Nat:

Nat Couropmitree guides innovative entrepreneurs to live their lives through the energetic frequency of their Truest Selves. Tapping into this powerful source of love, respect and value frees them from the exhausting cycle of working harder to gain something that can never be achieved through more effort, more work, more sacrifice, and creates space for them to experience what they’re really longing for—ease, joy, and adventure in the present moment.

He is the host of the Bold Magnificence Podcast, where his guests share stories about having the courage to live in alignment with what lights them up. What lights Nat up is experimenting with exotic cuisine, seeking out adventure in far-flung places, and dancing the Argentine Tango with his beloved wife, Olga.