“If you’re not doing video, you’re losing money in your business.” <eye roll>

Have you heard big statements like that and then wonder if you really have to do video to grow your business?

Emmy Wu has a different perspective on video for entrepreneurs and wow is it refreshing! In this episode, she shares ways to increase your visibility by being 100% you and honoring your personality, plus other tips to embrace videos.

With her authenticity and warmth, and keen eye for video production, she shares tips from video equipment to showing up consistently even when it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient.

Connect with Emmy at EmmyWu.com.

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About Emmy:

Emmy is a cinematographer who helps retreat facilitators and spiritual entrepreneurs expand their reach with custom retreat videos that showcase the work they do. She also helps early stage entrepreneurs grow their visibility and build a profitable online business, using the power of videos.

With a background in the film industry, she’s been slinging professional and broadcast cameras in the film industry long before HD even existed. She’s helped clients like MGM and Paramount Pictures bring their vision to life on the big screen, but found her passion in helping entrepreneurs share their message while elevating their online presence with branded videos.

At the heart of her work, is the love for cinematic storytelling. Her mission is to transform that soulful message from your heart, into a beautiful medium that you can share with the world.